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UNCDF, UNDP and UNEP Asia Pacific Region: Lesson learning Workshop: Local Government ‘s role in environment, natural resource management and climate change

Several countries in the Asia Pacific region are strengthening the role and capacity of local government with UN support. An area of growing concern is the impact and role of local governments with respect to environment, natural resources and climate change. The workshop brought together local governments in the region, UN staff and other development agencies to learn lessons from ongoing experience and to improve programmatic support. Discussions focused around three main themes: the role of local government in terms of (1) local public expenditure, (2) local government revenues and (3) local government planning/regulatory/management functions. The workshop discussions will be used to develop a guidance note targeting the specific needs of local governments. The workshop has been jointly organized by UNCDF and UNDP / UNEP PEI in consultation with selected UN County teams. [Agenda] [Concept Note] [Participants list] [Report]

Please contact Paul Steele at: paul.steele@undp.org for further information.

Workshop Presentations

Monday, 5 October 2009

Tuesday 6 October 2009