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15-18 November 2011
Regional Communication Workshop, Burkina Faso
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24-28 October 2011
Study visit – Mozambique and Malawi delegations learn from PEI Rwanda [Programme]

17-22 October 2011
Study visit – PEI Mali delegation learns from greening Ghana’s Poverty Reduction Strategy process
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3-7 October 2011
PEI cross-country study visit: PEI Burkina Faso delegation visits Mauritius: Lessons learnt from Mauritius’ mainstreaming experiences
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14-24 May 2011
PEI cross-regional study visit: Rwandan delegation visits PEI Asian countries (Lao PDR, Nepal, Thailand): Lessons learnt from PEI Asian mainstreaming experiences
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22-28 Nov 2010
PEI cross-country study visit: Burkina Faso delegation visits Tunisia: Lessons learnt from mainstraming experience in Tunisia
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8 – 11 Nov 2010
Regional Africa Economics Forum
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28 – 30 Sep 2010
Atelier sous regional sur la reforme fiscale environnementale/Regional Workshop on Environmental Fiscal Reform 
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16 – 20 Nov 2009
PEI and UNEP-WCMC – Joint training on ecosystem assessment methods for West African countries 

9 – 12 Mar 2009
PEI Francophone countries study exchange visit to Benin: ‘Greening the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper process’: Key findings and perspectives 

2 Dec 2008
UNDP-UNEP PEF Workshop on rapid evaluation of three pilot Ecosystems Assessments in three East African countries

15 – 17 May 2008
4th PEI Africa Annual Meeting and Leadership and Skills Training for PEI Champions in African countries

13 – 14 May 2008
Fourth Annual PEI Africa Meeting

28 – 29 Jan 2008
Study visit: Ugandan Delegation visits Rwanda – Lessons learnt from mainstreaming experience in Rwanda

12 – 14 Jun 2007
Third Annual PEI Africa Meeting
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11 – 15 Sep 2006
Study visit: Kenyan Delegation visits Tanzania – Lessons learnt from mainstreaming experience in Tanzania

12-16 Sep Sep 2005
Training course: Ecosystems and Human well-being: Conducting and Using Integrated Assessments, Grahamstown/South Africa
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