Building Inclusive Green Economies – Success Stories from South-South Cooperation

This report highlights how the partnerships between countries in the South are contributing to a global paradigm shift. It provides a snapshot of a myriad of projects and activities that are sparking new concepts, financing, technology, standards and momentum for change. The report shows how countries and other actors are pursuing initiatives to green key sectors of the economy from agriculture and energy to manufacturing and waste while sharing their knowledge and experiences with others, so they can also reap the benefits as well. Chapter 6, ‘Packaging for a greener future in Uruguay, Ecuador and Peru’ focuses on how the Government of Uruguay introduced a new packaging law that successfully demonstrates the links between improved health, environment and jobs, with the support of PEI, and how similar initiatives now is being initiated across Latin America. Chapter 7, ‘New technologies and incentives are fueling local economies’ highlights the south-south exchange between Rwanda and three Asian countries – Lao PDR, Nepal and Thailand. The exchange focused on economic tools for poverty-environment mainstreaming, private sector development and poverty alleviation.      


Published Date: 
Tuesday, November 5, 2013
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