PEI Countries

Poverty-Environment Initiative Country Programmes

The Poverty-Environment Initiative supports poverty-environment mainstreaming programmes in 24 countries across Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States, and Latin America and the Caribbean with the aim of increasing the capacity of governments to mainstream environment into national development processes and their implementation. While each country programme has been initiated to meet country-level demand and is tailored to specific national policy processes, the country programmes reflects the global Poverty-Environment Initiative scale-up outputs aiming to contribute to:

  • Pro-poor environmental outcomes being mainstreamed into development policies, plans and budgets making them more inclusive and pro-poor, gender responsive, and environmentally sustainable.
  • National and regional institutional capacity and coordination systems being strengthened to implement, monitor and report on pro-poor, gender responsive sustainable development policies and plans.
  • Pro-poor environmental outcomes being integrated into regional and global institutions and sustainable development debates.