Development that is born from waste

The change of a force of female recyclers that today, far from the dumps, advocates for proper solid waste management of Peru. 

By PNUD Perú in Medio Ambiente

Gregoria Cruz does not collect the garbage, she recycles. Today, many women, just like Gregoria, have abandoned the dumps in Arequipa to become promoters of a recycling culture and thus show that there are also opportunities for sustainable development in waste. Today at age 49, Gregoria works as a formal recycler in Recicla Vida, one of the associations strengthened by the Poverty-Environment Initiative in Peru. And it is not just a politically correct definition. It was from this experience of UNDP, UN Environment, UN Volunteers, the Ministry of the Environment and the Provincial Municipality of Arequipa that her work, and that of other female recyclers, has changed completely.

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