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UNEP Gender Equality and the Environment:  “Recycling for Life – and a Living

IIED Guest Blog: “Taking an integrated approach to eliminating poverty and sustaining natural resources“, Michael Stanley-Jones

UNDP-UNEP Asia Pacific Blog: National Finance Helps Asia and the Pacific Lead the Way on Climate Change“, Nicolas Rosellini and Kavah Zahedi

UNDP ECIS Blog: “New tools take environment into account“, Stamatios Christopoulos and Thomas Siebenbrunner

UNDP ECIS Blog: Towards a sustainable future in Kyrgyzstan“, Thomas Siebenbrunner

UNDP ECIS Blog: “Seeds sprout a healthier economy and environment in Tajikistan“, Alisher Nazirov and Nargizakhon Usmanova  

UNDP Our Perspectives Blog: “Sustainability must combine environmental concerns with poverty reduction”, George Bouma 

PEI LAC Blog – Doble Dividendo

PEI Side Event: “Addressing environment–economic development–poverty reduction in an integrated manner“, 7th “Environment for Europe” Ministerial Conference , Kazakhstan

Press Releases

UN Leaders Welcome Renewed Partnership to Implement the Sustainable Development Goals through Pro-Poor Environmental Action

Pasture Management in Naryn Oblast Kyrgyzstan

Sustainable Pasture Management in Kyrgyzstan

Wildlife Policy Review Malawi

Nepal hosts high-level international conference to transition to green economy  


Launch of Environment and Economic Reports, Lilongwe/Malawi

PEI Bhutan launches Public Environmental Expenditure Review Report

PEI Kyrgyzstan Inception Workshop

New National Investment Strategy for Quality Foreign Direct Investment, Lao PDR

Regional PEI Lao-Thai lessons learned exchange programme

[Press release] – Appeal to expedite revision of the Environmental Management Act 1996, by Centre for Environmental Policy and Advocacy, Weekend Times & Malawi News

[Press release – Engl. – Rus.] – A new UNDP/UNEP Environment and Poverty Initiative approved by relevant government agencies, Kyrgyzstan

[Press release] – PEI Tajikistan Inception Workshop [Engl.] [Rus.]

[Press release] – “Local governments receive more support from Denmark and UNDP/UNEP” , Thimphu/Bhutan

[Press release] – Inception Workshop: Minimising the Social and Environmental Impacs of Investments in Lao PDR

[Press release] – Poverty-Environment Initiative Phase II launched, Kigali/Rwanda

[Press release]  – Launch of UNDP-UNEP Joint Poverty-Environment Partnership, Nairobi

Press Articles

SDG Knowledge Hub (IISD, New York USA):  UNDP, UNEP Announce Pro-Poor SDGs Project

Daily Observer, The (Bangladesh): Govt to pilot PEA [Poverty Environment Accounts] system soon  

SDG Knowledge Hub (IISD, New York USA): UNDP, UNEP Outline Poverty-Environment Action for SDGs 

SDG Knowledge Hub (IISD, New York USA): Companies Highlight Benefits of Investing in SDGs, Green Economy

SDG Knowledge Hub (IISD, New York USA): African Case Studies Show Five Pathways to Speed Up, Scale Up SDGs

L’essor Quotidien (Mali): Projet IPE-Mali : L’action environnementale un élément de la lutte contre la pauvreté

SDG Knowledge Hub (IISD, New York USA): Living in Harmony with Nature to Transform Our World: The CBD’s Contribution to SDG Implementation (Part II)

SDG Knowledge Hub (IISD, New York USA): Five Ways the SDGs Are Changing International Development

L’essor Quotidien (Mali): Pour que les collectivités locales intègrent les changements climatiques dans leur programmes de développement

The Nation (Malawi): Gender gap costs Malawi K64bn yearly 21 

The Nation  (Malawi): UN decries women exclusion in agriculture sector15 

L’essor Quotidien  (Mali): Un guide méthodologique pour garantir une touche environnementale dans les plans et budgets

L’essor Quotidien (Mali): Initiative pauvreté-environnement : intégrer le changement climatique dans les politiques de développement

The Nation (Malawi):  Malawi losing billions to poor environment use

Daily Times (Malawi): Disasters, Environment Drain K142.9bn in Malawi

Daily Times (Malawi):  MSEOR used by scientists to influence policy and strategic direction planning in Malawi

The Nation (Malawi): Government of Malawi Loses K26bn in Nature Preservation

New Times (Rwanda): Climate resilience is key to Rwanda’s development and prosperity

The Nation (Malawi): Poverty Environment Initiative Programme Support in Malawi

Le pays (Burkina Faso): Le project IPE phase 2 Burkina lancé


Daily Time Newspaper (Malawi): Mwanza Launches Environment Report

Himalayan Times, The: Eco friendly local governance to improve environment

La Faso (Burkina Faso): Initiative IPE : Assita Ouattara et Monseigneur Anselme lancent leur combat contre la désertification (PEI Champions initiate reforestation campaign in Burkina Faso

Lao PDR takes steps to improve regulations on environmental and social responsibilities of investments

UNEP: Poverty Reduction Through Integrating Environment Into the Development Process

SciDev.Net: Nepal Budget Focuses on Climate Funding

The Nation Online Malawi: FAO Calls for Fisheries Policy

Daily Times Malawi: Government Loses Billions to Natural Resource Depletion

All Africa: Poverty-Environment Initiative Launches New Five-Year Phase to Meet Demand

Ecoseed: U.N. initiative launches new phase targeting poverty and environment

Independent European Daily Express: New U.N. Initiative Nudges Environmental Issues into Poverty Alleviation Policies

IISD: UN Poverty-Environment Initiative Deepens Efforts on Gender, Equality and Stakeholder Partnerships

UNEP: UNDP-UNEP Poverty-Environment Initiative Launches New Five-Year Phase to Meet Growing Demand from Member States 

UNDP: Poverty-Environment Initiative launches new five-year phase to meet demand

[Press article] – “Corn, rubber plantations pose environmental threats”, Vientianne Times

[Press article – project brief] – Rwanda’s village of the Future, New Times

The New Age Malawi: Changing Climate Compunds Environmental Degradation

The Nation: PEI supported economic study in Malawi

[Press coverage – Part 1 – Part 2] – Presentation of Economic study findings, Lilongwe/Malalwi

[Press article] – “Sidwaya, Initiative pauvreté environnement: Des données fiables pour une bonne gestion des ressources naturelles”, by Afsetou Sawadogo, Burkina Faso, Mardi
[Press article] – L’ Observateur Paalga, “Une meilleure intégration de l’environnement dans l’économie”, Burkina Faso, Mardi

[Press articles] – Ecosystems around Lake Kyogo disappearing, Uganda

[Press article] – Interim Plan Likely to to go for environmentally-friendly projects, The Himalayan Times/Nepal

[Press article] – “Tackling the two together – Poverty and Environment must be addressed together in all national and local policies, programs, and projects”, The Journalist, Thimphu/Bhutan, by Sonan Pelvar

[Press article] – L’independent: Pauvrete et environnement: session du comite de pilotage du project initiative pauvreté envrionnement: La 2eme phase du project et le plan de travail annuel adoptes, Mali
[Press article] – L’independent; Economie & développement – Projet initiative pauvreté envrionnement: L’etude relative aux modes de consommation et de production durable restituée, Mali

[Press article] – Observateur, “Mode de Consommation et de Production Durables – le plan decennal de mise enoeuvre en elaboration”, Burkina Faso

[Press article] –  “A disconnect in common goal”, The Journalist, Thimphu/Bhutan, by Sonam Pelvar

[Press article] – Rwanda New Times, Natural resource management necessary – Mukankomeje, by Edwin Musoni

[Press article] – Rwanda New Times, The village environmental care project: A model in fighting poverty, by K.Rwaguma

[Press article] – Rwanda New Times, Environmental degradation and poverty closely linked, by Kihesi Rwaguma
[Press article] – Rwanda New Times, Karega, experts discuss report on state of the environment, by Edwin Musoni
[Press articles] – “The fine links that matter – Why environmental concerns have to be integrated into poverty reduction strategies”, The Journalist Thimphu/Bhutan, by Sonam Pelvar
[Press article] – “Dwindling public expenditure in environment”, The Journalist, Thimphu/Bhutan, by Sonam Pelvar

[Press article] – Inception Workshop: Minimising the Social and Environmental Impacs of Investments in Lao PDR Vientiane Times

[Press article] – Coordination Workshop: Investing in Agriculture for Sustainable Livelihoods and Economic Growth , Vientiane Times

[Press articles] – Le pays: L’IPE au centre d’un atelier de sensibilisation et d’information & Sidwaya: Initiative pauvrete environnement

[Press article] – L’Observateur Paalga: Lutte contre la pauvreté: Agir vite et maintenant

[Press article] – “Poorest village and GNH”, Bhutan Observer , Lhuentse/Bhutan, by Rabi Dahal

[Press article] – Uganda not prepared for climate changes – Minister Mutagamba, Daily Monitor, by Evelyn Lirri

[Press article] – “Environment and Poverty”, in Poverty Alleviation News, Vol. 2, by Samson Wasao & Alex Forbes

[Press article] Safe, clean and green environment with cash  – the Rwanda poverty and Environment Initiative makes the environment everybody’s business  
[Press articles] – “Asia Pacific Regional Poverty and Environment Initiative: Partnerships to fight poverty and sustain the environment”, Kuensel, Thimphu/Bhutan


Ms. Carol Flore-Smereczniak, UNDP Resident Representative and UN Resident Coordinator a.i., Opening Remarks of the at the Launch of the Public Expenditure Review on Environment and Disaster Risk Management…

 H.E. Somchit Inthamith, Vice Minister of Ministry of Planning and Investment Lao PDR, Opening Remark at the PEI Board Meeting

Mr. Kester Kaphaizi, Principal Secretary at the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development Malawi, Opening Speech at the launch of the Decentralized Environment Managment Guidelines

Helen Clark, UNDP Administrator, Opening Statement to the Annual Meeting of the UNDP Executive Board

Onkokame Kitso Mokaila, Minister of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources Botswana, Speech in Parliament Sustainable Environment chapter of the National Development Plan .  


Ted Sitima-Wina, Principal Secretary for Ministry of Development Planning and Cooperation of Malawi, Opening Speech 15th Poverty and Environment Partnership Meeting.

Idrissa Diarra, Minister for Environment and Sustainable Development,  Opening speech workshop to review PEI mainstreaming achievements.

Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda,  Speech on Climate Change: Financing Opportunities and Challenges to achieve the MDGs in Africa, at the African Ministerial Conference Financing for Development .

Mrs Patricia Hajabakiga, Minister of State Lands and Environment, Rwanda, Mainstreaming environmental sustainability into national development processes to achieve sustainable development and poverty reduction, UNEP Global Ministerial Environment Forum, Dubai