Nepal allocates two and a half million USD to address drought affected Districts

The erratic weather patterns, unpredictable rains, and recurrent droughts, floods and landslides have adversely affected vulnerable groups in Nepal. Recent findings from the PEI supported study report on Environmental causes of Displacement in Nepal has triggered the interest of the country’s National Planning Commission (NPC) to better understand the links between migration and environmental stress and in particular the issue of water shortages across many mountain districts even during the rainy season.

The study carried out in June 2013 reveals how environmental stress can cause displacement of people who depended on ecosystem services for livelihoods in 5 selected districts prone to floods, drought, or landslides. The study points out that many families forced to migrate due to water shortages, floods and landslides do so without any hope of returning.

Following the dissemination of the study findings and a site visit to one of the studied areas NPC has allocated 250 million rupees (approximately $2.5 million) to a new programme – ‘Dedicated water supply project for drought affected area’ – within the Water Supply and Sanitation sector. The program aims to reduce the numbers of migrants from drought affected areas.      

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