PEI Asia Pacific Regional Meeting: Advancing the Poverty-Environment Nexus for Achieving the SDGs

In the Asia Pacific region, PEI has been helping more than eight countries test and apply approaches and tools for integrated development planning, budgeting and investment management processes. PEI’s mainstreaming experiences provide the international community with practical insights in how to integrate the SDGs into the country’s own systems of development planning, budgeting and investment management processes. PEI’s integration approaches can help better define the inter-connectedness between the different goals/targets of SDGs and help implement the SDGs in a more cost-effective and efficient way by reducing the risks of undermining one another and promoting the individual goals to serve multiple goals and targets.

The PEI Asia Pacific Regional Meeting, held from the 1st- 3rd June, 2016 at BRAC-CDM, Savar, Bangladesh brought together PEI country representatives from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal and the Philippines including government officials from Ministries of Planning, Finance, Local Government and Environment in order to share and identify good practices from PEI Asia-Pacific countries in integrating poverty-environment-climate nexus into development planning, budgeting, financing and M&E processes for the SDGs implementation as well as in the management of investments in natural resources. Additionally, the meeting also gave the opportunity for countries to review the PEI Asia Pacific theory of change and develop a sustainability strategy going forward.