PEI next phase planning workshop in Kyrgyzstan

PEI Kyrgyzstan held a workshop on September 22-25 with the objective of planning for the next phase of PEI, 2014-2017. The workshop was attended by the key PEI implementing partners including government ministries, representatives from PEI pilot districts, NGOs and other UN agencies. During the workshop best practices and lessons learned from the current phase of PEI Kyrgyzstan was reviewed and recommendations on how to further the mainstreaming of P-E objectives at national and local levels n the next phase where outlined with a focus on integrating a gender and human rights based approach. The worksop was also highlighted on UNDP’s Website

Following the workshop the PEI programme board meeting was held on September 26.     


Event Date: 
Sunday, September 22, 2013 to Friday, October 25, 2013
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