PEI supported Mainstreaming Matrix Used in Mozambique

In Mozambique all ministries are required by the Ministry of Planning and Development to integrate eight cross cutting issues in the annual social and economic plans. To achieve this, PEI Mozambique supported the Ministry of Planning and Development (MPD) and the Ministry of Coordination of Environmental Affairs (MICOA) in developing a mainstreaming matrix to facilitate planning and reporting. Mainstreaming cross-cutting issues became part of the regular planning process in 2011 and the 2013 development plans finally use the PEI supported mainstreaming matrix and includes indicators and targets for cross cutting issues. This is an outcome of the capacity building sessions lead by the MPD and partly supported and facilitated by PEI across the country. The mainstreaming matrix has further helped MICOA to mobilise almost 2,75 million USD over a period of 5 years (2011-2015) from the second Danida Environment Sector Programme Support (ESPSII), specifically earmarked for environment, development and climate change activities. Moreover, by using the mainstreaming matrix in 2012 the Ministry of Mineral Resources and the Ministry of Women and Social Affairs received funding through the ESPS for specific P-E mainstreaming activities and the 2013 social and economic plans include activities from various sectors including a P-E mainstreaming component. The next steps include improving the use and dissemination of the mainstreaming instrument: for that purpose MPD and PEI in collaboration with UNDP Mozambique are currently working on a manual for mainstreaming cross cutting issues

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