The Government of Malawi launches a second phase of the PEI Programme 2014-2017

As Malawi looks forward to achieving its MDG targets on environmental sustainability by 2015, the Government together with UNDP and UNEP have agreed to scale up the PEI programme aimed at fighting poverty by promoting the sustainable use of natural resources that poor people rely on for their livelihoods.

On February 26th the Secretary to the Treasury, Mr. Newby Kumwembe and UNDP Resident Representative a.i., Ms Carol Flore-Smereczniak came together to sign the next phase PEI project document 2014-2017. Secretaries for Economic Planning and Development; and Climate Change and Environment Management, Mr Ted Sitimawina and Dr. Yanira Ntupanyama respectively as lead implementing partners, were also in attendance.

The Secretary to the Treasury, Mr Newby Kumwembe acknowledged that “the Government of Malawi is aware that environmental degradation in Malawi is a problem with serious economic implications. No meaningful reduction in poverty can be achieved in the country without addressing environmental degradation.” The project which will primarily be implemented by the Ministry of Economic Planning and Development (MEPD) is aimed at supporting the Government of Malawi to catalyse change through increased government and donor budget allocations for pro-poor sustainable environment and natural resource management.

“The PEI project will enhance operationalization of poverty-environment (P-E) linkages at the sector and district level. This will be done by providing specific P-E evidence and guidelines based on disaggregated data and analysis. This is quite critical in contributing to the achievement of our national development objectives and goals,” said Mr Ted Sitimawina, Secretary to MEPD.

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Event Date: 
Wednesday, February 26, 2014
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