The Government of Mozambique welcomes PEI’s Public Environment Expenditure Review

The Government of Mozambique welcomed the recently presented Public Environment Expenditure Review (PEER) for 2005-2010 commissioned by the Ministry of Coordination for Environmental Affairs (MICOA). The PEER analyzes different sectors budget allocations to environmental activities, the environmental expenditure trends across sectors and if these are coherent with national development plans and priorities for the time period. MICOA noted that the report will be very useful for the Ministry when advocating for increased budget allocations for the environment. The review has already been followed up by a three day training on public expenditure reviews for 28 planners from various sectors at the province and the central level. The training was facilitated by the PEER national consultant, the Ministry of Finance, Agriculture and MICOA. The participants expressed that their capacity to conduct public expenditure reviews has been strengthened and that they look forward to participate in similar trainings in the future.

As an outcome of Mozambique’s UNDAF 2012-2015 where Poverty-Environment (P-E) linkages successfully were included in the economic pillar, the Green Human Development (GHD) project was developed by PEI and the Africa Adaptation Program. It was signed and launched in September 2012. The GHD’s chief purpose is to ‘support government institutions, civil society organizations, the private sector and different target groups to manage more efficiently its natural resources and to develop national capacities for green human development.’ As such it will follow up on the initiatives taken under PEI phase II and bridge over to PEI Phase III. This will include further engaging different stakeholders and strengthening the capacities of environmental units in P-E mainstreaming in their plans as well as developing P-E indicators for inclusion in monitoring and evaluation frameworks of national development policies.

PEER Report 2012,  PEER Factsheet, PEER Health Factsheet

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Thursday, July 12, 2012
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