Timescale: Phase I (2005- 2007); Phase II (2007-2011).  

Partners: The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (MFPED), local government institutions and UNDP Uganda.

Focus: Mainstreaming environment into the Poverty Eradication Action Plan (PEAP) revision process, with the aim of including poverty-environment linkages in the new National Development Plan (NDP), and support environmental mainstreaming in the budgeting process and in the PEAP implementation at sector and district levels.

Budget: $589,487 (Phase I: $220,401 and Phase II $369,086).


Enhanced awareness on P-E linkages and the need for mainstreaming among government stakeholders and the public as a result of the dissemination of PEI reviews and studies in public media and partnerships with CSOs and CBOs at local and national levels.

National Development Plan formulation was influenced by evidence and tools for economic instruments for environmental management and promoting pro-poor growth, also helping engage stakeholders in the Energy, Transport, Water and Sanitation and Finance Sectors.

Commitment by the Parliamentary Committee on Natural Resources to advocate for increased budget allocations for P-E linkages and thirteen districts have committed to address environmental issues by developing and implementing district environmental ordinances and by-laws.

Successful integration of P-E linkages into the new NDP, in which environment and sustainable use of natural resources now constitute a main objective, as a result of that NEMA supported by PEI engaged in the NDP formulation process.

Environmental concerns have been integrated into the District Development Plans, Budget Framework Papers and Policy Statements and in the three focus districts implemented through micro land use plans.

A manual on mainstreaming P-E issues into budget framework papers in the budget call circular was produced by NEMA and MFPED included a clause in the Budget Call Circular 2008/09 requiring all sectors to demonstrate how environmental sustainability issues are being addressed in their sector Budget Framework Papers.

Key Documents

Raising awareness, communications and building partnerships

Study visits

Economic instruments

Public expenditure reviews and green budgeting

Influencing policy processes at sector level

Influencing policy processes at sub-national level

Influencing policy processes at national level – National Poverty Plans and Strategies and Poverty-Environment Mainstreaming Guidelines

Integrated Ecosystem Assessment

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