UN Agencies discuss opportunities to mainstream poverty-environment into their programmes in Kyrgyzstan

On March 5th various UN Agencies in Kyrgyzstan met to explore how poverty and environment linkages can be better mainstreamed into different UN Programmes, projects and frameworks in Kyrgyzstan. 

The poverty-environment nexus is a cross-cutting issue and hence joint efforts are needed to enhance progress towards including pro-poor sustainable development objectives across sectors and UN programmes. Mr. Ram Saravanamuttu, WFP Country Director, highlighted how the Poverty-Environment Initiative (PEI) is a good example of how UN agencies can work together and effectively draw on the strengths of each organization to address challenges such as the poverty-environment nexus.

Following the workshop representatives from UN Women, UNDP, UNIDO, FAO, UNFPA, WHO and UNOCHA have enhanced their knowledge about the importance of mainstreaming poverty and environment including climate change linkages into their planning processes. The workshop was also highlighted on UNDP’s website

Download the press release in English and Russian.

Event Date: 
Wednesday, March 5, 2014
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